Hacking Body Negative Spaces: A Design Brainstorm for Future Wearable

Human bodies are full of “holes” and “cavities”: ear holes, nostrils, ear backs, armpit…and even your belly buttons. These areas can be defined as the “Negative Spaces” of human bodies. They are essentially “wasted spaces” on human bodies. Every Negative suggests a Positive. What if all these body negative spaces are filled with carefully designed objects? Can we use design to fulfill our body?

This project aims to identify the negative spaces on human bodies and proposes potential functional devices that can complement those spaces. The qualities of these negative spaces are studied. After carefully evaluating the form, volume, elasticity, location and physiological attributes of these negative spaces, I designed preliminary objects that can ergonomically fill these negative spaces and imagined potential functions for these products. This design study/brainstorm aims to raise awareness on these neglected spaces. It can also be used as a reference or inspiration for future designers to intervene on human bodies.

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