Cardboard Chair for Kids
A Creative Exercise on Materials
This project is a creative exercise on materials for my Design Principle Class in Rhode Island School of Design. Our goal is to utilize two cheap materials from the recycling center in providence, and try turning them into a functional object. The final product should be led by the properties of the material. Our time constraint was 2 weeks and the budget must be below 10 bucks.

My chose materials were blue cardboard rolls and and synthetic fabric.
First, I did some experiments on the two materials to understand  their properties. I tried different ways of cutting them, connecting them, burning them, etc.
Based on my studies of the materials, I decided to utilize well the structural strength of the cardboard rolls and the softness of the fabric to build furniture, which require both of these properties. Eventually, I decided to build chairs for kids because of the vibrant color of the materials as well as the amount of materials I have due to budget constraint. I first explored some ideas using sketches.
After comparing different ideas for the chair, I decided on the one that has more structure strength and versatility since I want the chair to be more durable and can survive boys' wild childhood.
These are the details of the finishes of the chair. The chair has a strong, stable structure and a back support. Adults can also sit on it comfortably. The tubes on the back also made it easy for people to grab the chair.
Adults can have fun as well...
Combining with the different cushions that I designed, the chair can provide different forms and sitting experiences.
My target users are kids from kindergarten to primary schools. 

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