Bathroom Products Design  |  Soap Holder, Shower Rack and Sinktop Tray

Designed by Chenyu Ding & Sophia Tseng
Rhode Island School of Design, Design Principle II, Project "Make it real" 

"Make it real" Project Brief:  
In this project, we were required to select a napkin sketch from a classmate, make it into real prototype using laser cut and 3D printing(1 hour printing time), and develop 2 family products. 
Fabricating Prototypes within the time constraint (laser cut: 15 min, 3D printing: 1 hour)
Designing Family Products

Towel rack: Tower rack is an essential product for a bathroom. Taking the advantage of our iconic wave shape, we incorporated a platform, a towel bar, and hooks in a product, aiming to make the most use of space.
Sinktop Tray: The advantage of the form is that it elevates the object and keeps it dry and clean. We applied this feature to a sinktop tray for organizing bathroom products. There is a detachable drawer that collects the dripping water; it can also be used as a lid or a replacement of the wavy tray.

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