Chenyu Ding

Industrial Design, 3D Art, Video

5 Minute Shower Control
Zhangzhoujie Digital Lab Intern Project
Design & Research Generative Furniture Design using computational tools
Block Series S1T#
2 in 1 Handheld/Stand Mixer
One more grip. Extra stability. Stable. Versatile. Elegant
Walter Village Board Game
Walter Village is a strategy board game that simulates the power dynamics between different groups in a place with heavy industrial pollution. The game offers players an engaging, thought-provoking experience of fighting polluters in an imaginary village. We aim to inform, empower and inspire actions around environmental issues through this game.
Providence South Station Seating Redesign
Public Seating Design based on the research of the Providence South Station
Hacking Body Negative Spaces
Human bodies are full of “holes” and “cavities”: earholes, nostrils, ear backs, armpit…and even your belly buttons. These areas can be defined as the “Negative Spaces” of human bodies. They are essentially “wasted spaces” on human bodies. Every Negative suggests a Positive. What if all these body negative spaces are filled with carefully designed objects? Can we use design to fulfill our body?
Can we nurture ourselves and nature at the same time? Bio-Breathe is a project that aims to develop a system of products that allow people to extract fragrances at home and feed those beneficial fragrances directly into our noses and olfactory systems through smart, fashionable nose rings/filters to help us better cope with modern high-stress life.
Arctic - Wood 1 Lamination Project
Wood Crafts & Studies using shop tools
Metal 1 Final
Metal Crafts & Studies
Copper Table Lamp
Hand Crafted Table Lamp based on form studies of bird skulls.
Bathroom Products Design
Bathroom Products Designs including Soap Holder, Sinktop Tray, and Towel Rack.
Mirrored River
Mirrored River constructed by highly condensed material produced through the bioremediation process, symbolizing the dynamic relationship between the biotechnology and the contaminated environment issue that caused by leather consumption.
Cardboard Chair
Modular Furniture System
A Parametric Modular Furniture System
GRAVITA-Magnetic Tableware
GRAVITA s a series of luxury tableware that I designed. The bowls and plates in this series have embedded magnets at the bottom and they can be attached to the trays to prevent sliding and dropping from the tray.
Imagining Water Fountains for the future 1
Made for Design Principle 1. In this project, I envisioned water fountains in the future that improve and encourage drinking experiences.
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